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John Duignan (born 1963) grew up in both Stirling in Scotland and in Carrigaline County Cork.

Scientology and similar manipulative cults do tremendous damage to their victims and their families and are corrosive to the societies that allow them free reign in the proselytisation of their world views. Too many good, but credulous people have had their lives ruined by such operations. As a survivor of the Scientology movement I am duty bound to make every effort to make myself available to speak publicly on my experiences in the hope that others may be inoculated against their seductive techniques. – John Duignan 2015

The Complex: An Insider Exposes the Covert World of the Church of Scientology. In this non-fiction book he describes his 22 years in the organization and his eventual awaking partly as a result of attending an event where actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise was given the award of “Most Dedicated Follower”. Duignan began to examine the organization more closely and had doubts about remaining. He left the organization in 2006, after taking measures to avoid investigation by Scientology’s intelligence agency the Office of Special Affairs.

 John has spoken about his experiences at various conferences, radio, television and webcasts.If you would like to contact John and discuss  his availability please use the contact form below.