An Archbishop Speaks

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin made a remarkable admission today.benedict_roman_curia_2010

It was made in the wake of the overwhelming ‘Yes’ vote that now grants our LGTB brothers and sisters the same treatment under Constitutional law as those of us that happened to be born heterosexual. To quote him in part:

“The Church needs to ask if it has drifted from the young in the wake of the marriage vote.’

He betrays his crass ignorance; many of the LGTB people affected are not young. Senator Zappone is in her sixties and has been living in sin for years.

I understand people getting a sense of social cohesion, belonging, connection through the communal enactment of ritual within the Catholic fold. Their ideas are not challenged within the congregation. There is a space for them to meditate and a comfortable tradition to follow. But the Catholic Church is much more than that.

It is a big multinational corporation. It is a sovereign state with a complex political administration with which it wields great influence with governments in many parts of the globe.

This organization needs to take full ownership of its powerful position. It needs to move forward into our modern social order. The most fundamental reform should be to discard the rule of celibacy in the priesthood. They need to open Holy Orders to women. I think that care and protection of the weak and the vulnerable would be vastly improved if there were a good percentage of female bishops and cardinals influencing the Curia.

They definitely need to embrace the LGTB community. They claim God’s love is open to all, well, the ongoing condemnation of LGTB seems to give lie to their claim. Homosexuality is described as ‘An objective Disorder’ within the canon, ‘…ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil.’ Surely Stephen Fry would contend this assertion.

The Catholic Church has a way to go before they regain the broad respect in which they were once held, respect that they squandered in the most heinous and corrupt wielding of their power.


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