Me, ‘Game of Thrones and Sex Trafficking

Igameofthrones1 don’t want to see another ‘Game of Thrones’ article ever.

Every second FB post I receive on my newsfeed from the eclectic and various sources I subscribe to, ranging from ‘Time Magazine’, to ‘Huffington Post’, ‘Vice’  even the venerable ‘Guardian’, assault my screen with an endless stream of speculation, analysis, prediction on and about a fucking TV program.

sex-trafficking I just finished reading a heartbreaking piece on the kidnapping, trafficking and sexual slavery of young Bulgarian girls. It was a harrowing, shocking and relevant piece of heroic journalism. Then the next post is from Huff Post about that fantasy TV show.

I have told FB at least 50 times that I do not want to see sponsored posts about a fantasy television program posing as news. Because is what they do. It is not news, or if it is, then it is news at its abject worst. But they seem to think that they will convert me by overwhelming me. Enough!

Our social freedom is under threat thanks to amoral, powerful money people, shareholders in multinationals egging on their hedge fund managers and corporate CEOs to engage ever more brazen outrages against our shared planetary ecosystems, our shared humanity, they rape and maraud and attack our living standards so as to squeeze another few billion in profits, money taken from the poor, the destitute, the refugee, the orphan.


And to shut us up, they bombard us with ‘Game of Thrones’ promotions.


There is something so very wrong with this picture.